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Episode 1 July 19, 2023 00:05:51
Trailer Episode
Trailer Episode

Jul 19 2023 | 00:05:51


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

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mindfulmedicina podcast is for you if you crave knowledge in the plethora of healing modalities, ancient wisdom, have the taste buds to savor varying perspectives, and enjoy tuning into discussions with healers and leaders who have thrown out the proverbial box.
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Welcome to the trailer episode of the mindfulmedicina podcast. I’m your host Dr. Jeannette Daneals. I’m a naturopathic medical doctor on a mission to inspire a renewed confidence in the intelligence of the human body. I’m all about leveling up which to me means, living a life of purpose, passion and play. To do that we must take care of our home, the body. The body is a borrowed machine that is ours to live in for the purpose of this human experience. When we remember that the body is in service to us, and that it is always responding perfectly to an imperfect environment, we are better able to find the inspiration to do our best every day to give it the healthy inputs it needs. Afterall, the body’s default is wellness, not disease. We have the power to create the body and the life we want through the accumulation of our thoughts, feelings, belief systems, activity, and through the things that nourish us including our food and relationships. This podcast is called mindfulmedicina because it seeks to transform our thinking about health from inside the box to not just outside the box, but to a mindset that recognizes there is no box to begin with. It’s important that we remember the medicine is all around us and that it’s also in us. But for over a century we have outsourced our wellness to the pharmaceutical companies that have created an over-reliance on drugs and even addiction. Because we each embody varying constitutions, karma, dharma, and have varying epigenic influences, what is medicinal for one may be unhelpful or even poisonous to another. The need for open debate, and varying perspectives regarding medicine is such an important conversation needed today. Over the years, I have felt the dominance of big pharma and its control over media and politics. As a naturopathic doctor I have felt bullied by the heavy handiness of their agendas to create life-long consumers of their products. They have also limited my freedom to serve or make claims of healing unless it was through their products. Big pharma has created a sense of competition rather than indulging in a cooperative relationship with other healers in order to monopolize the field of medicine. I want all of us to understand that the modern medical system is based on profit over people. Its tactic is “health scare, not health care.” When we live in fear of death or live-in fear of what other’s think us, we compromise our values and make medical decisions based on fear. If you knew the truth about the healing power you had within you, the medical system would lose millions if not billions of dollars in revenue each year. I think they worry that we are inching closer to that insight. Which excites me! To be clear, I’m not advocating for a complete elimination of modern advances in science and technology but that it is utilized from love not fear and in its proper place and time. And most importantly, from a space of free will, maintaining bodily autonomy. Because I have a purpose to inspire a renewed confidence in the human body and spirit, I had to create a platform for conversations that may not always conform to the mainstream narrative but remember, the mainstream narrative wasn’t created by us. Can we create a different narrative: One which says we have the power to heal from the inside and create the life and health we want in the space of love and without being influenced by all the fear-mongering. Can we expand our medicinal toolbox without judging how one heals, and instead, revel in their unique healing process instead? This podcast is our space to ask the questions- not necessarily that we all come to the same answers but that we are free to explore and sometimes, we will come to the same conclusions or not and respect one another regardless. Our efforts in gaining insight should be for the greater good and not to prove who is right or wrong. This podcast is for you if you crave knowledge in the plethora of healing modalities, ancient wisdom, have the taste buds to savor varying perspectives, and enjoy tuning into discussions with healers and leaders who have thrown out the proverbial box.

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