Worms, Parasites and Metals: Oh My! Another Take on the Root of Chronic Health Issues With Kim Rogers

Episode 22 May 31, 2024 01:23:51
Worms, Parasites and Metals: Oh My! Another Take on the Root of Chronic Health Issues With Kim Rogers
Worms, Parasites and Metals: Oh My! Another Take on the Root of Chronic Health Issues With Kim Rogers

May 31 2024 | 01:23:51


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

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"Parasites are only an issue 'over there' in 3d world nations and for a handful of unlucky folks" WRONG. Hey, most people think this is a fact, including much of the medical world. The sobering truth is that we are constantly exposed to the sources and causes of these hitchhikers and thus WE ALL need to periodically detox and clear them to regain balance in not only our body, but in our mind and spirit. Accurate testing protocols have yet to be designed, adding obscurity to the true status parasitic occupation poses, which growing evidence points to being at the root of most chronic disease. Heavy metal toxification goes hand in hand with the presence of these invaders and that's a whole other can-o'-worms (excuse the pun) we'll explore in this episode.

Kim Rogers is a seasoned wellness professional with over 18 years of experience in Western medicine.

Her journey in the medical field took an unexpected turn when her own health challenges led her on a transformative path. Struggling with endometriosis, parasites, Lyme disease, and mold poisoning, she embarked on a personal quest to stop taking pharmaceuticals and strive for a more holistic and natural approach. Inspired by her own healing journey, Kim founded RogersHood Apothecary in December of 2021 and invented the globally known, best selling, and viral ParaFy Parasite Cleanse kit. This kit consists of high-quality, hand made herbal tinctures aimed at detoxing unwanted parasites, worms, candida, heavy metals & toxins while also promoting well-being. Her website and mission, RogersHood, gained widespread recognition after Kim's personal results about parasites went viral on TikTok and Instagram, gaining millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers crowning her the “Worm Queen”. With a commitment to transparency and quality, Kim's products have resonated with a diverse audience seeking natural solutions for various health concerns.



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