Bioidentical Hormones: The Real Deal

Episode 9 October 09, 2023 01:00:55
Bioidentical Hormones: The Real Deal
Bioidentical Hormones: The Real Deal

Oct 09 2023 | 01:00:55


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

Show Notes

Dr. Todd Cameron joins us to share what your endocrinologist won't tell you about bioidentical hormone therapy. With all the myths and misinformation woven by mainstream research being funded by Big Pharma, we'd bet you'd rather hang your hat on evidential truth provided by high quality independent studies. Optimal hormone levels can protect us from cancer, heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis, diabetes and more. This episode is a must-listen for those approaching, in the midst of, or post menopause, low T levels or any other hormonal concerns. Dr. Cameron comes to us with 25 years of solid research and experience with a message of hope: you can be vibrantly healthy at any age. For episode show notes visit: The Real Deal

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