Healing Your Relationship To Time with Andrew Hartman

Episode 10 October 24, 2023 01:07:33
Healing Your Relationship To Time with Andrew Hartman
Healing Your Relationship To Time with Andrew Hartman

Oct 24 2023 | 01:07:33


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

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Our own beliefs about time shape life's circumstances profoundly, even if we've never examined this closely for ourselves. Common laments such as "I don't have enough time!" may sound familiar. Though... deep down, most of us know this isn't true. 
Still, the art of time management is elusive and can seem daunting. Despite our best efforts, it might feel like we're on a hamster wheel that never quite takes us where we aim to go.
Enter: The Time Boss Method. Andrew Hartman has developed a brilliant remedial system spurred by first hand experience of the ways we suffer without a proper relationship with time. He joins us today to offer his philosophy and best practices around mending this crucial relationship. Dr. Daneals and Janell weave in observations focused on the nervous system, psychology and other tidbits of their collective wisdom.
It's time to get time on your side.
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