Near Death Experience: Medicine From The Other Side.

Episode 18 March 06, 2024 01:35:28
Near Death Experience: Medicine From The Other Side.
Near Death Experience: Medicine From The Other Side.

Mar 06 2024 | 01:35:28


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

Show Notes

With Louisa Peck 

Life can be utterly confusing.
We may try and seek answers outside of ourselves, attempt to end our pain with endless indulgence and pleasure, and ultimately become estranged from other beings and our own divinity due to a prevailing illusion of separateness. What if this small view of life were changed in an instant, due to a profoundly objective glimpse from the "Other Side?"
Our guest, Louisa Peck was raised to view God as nothing more than a human concept and-spiritualism as a form of superstition. Then, in 1982 at a Manhattan nightclub, she suffered a cardiac arrest brought on by lidocaine poisoning. She shot out of her body, and experienced an other-worldly journey to her god source – the Sun. As a "full-fledged woo-woo", Louisa found community among fellow Near-Death-Experiencers and became willing to share her story.
Her mission: To overcome the egoic challenges that all humans face. With humor and humility, we’re here to turn fear, anger, selfish greed and gloating pride into love and compassion for all life, with Love being our purpose here on earth.


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