Urine Therapy: Your Decentralized Goldmine

Episode 21 May 09, 2024 01:16:48
Urine Therapy: Your Decentralized Goldmine
Urine Therapy: Your Decentralized Goldmine

May 09 2024 | 01:16:48


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

Show Notes

with Dr. Kendall Sweeney

Urine Therapy, is an esoteric Ayurvedic practice which the ancients called “Shivambu” (Shiva + Holy Waters). This profoundly decentralized, personalized form of medicine has been known throughout the ages to heal and transform countless aspects of body, mind and spirit. Join us as we explore the history, benefits, science and practice of Urine Therapy.
This is the perfect topic to challenge our independent critical thinking skills and question mainstream cultural programming. Could there be more to our body's healing capacity than what we've been led to believe?
Our guest today for this conversation is Shivambu practitioner and local Seattle Chiropractor, Dr. Kendall Sweeny. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2017 and is a holistic chiropractor, with a special focus on the nervous system.Dr. Sweeney is also passionate about working with infants and children.


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