Deuterium: Your Mitochondria's Kryptonite

Episode 17 February 15, 2024 01:27:29
Deuterium: Your Mitochondria's Kryptonite
Deuterium: Your Mitochondria's Kryptonite

Feb 15 2024 | 01:27:29


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

Show Notes

In today’s episode Dr. Sara Pugh shares the importance of understanding what’s in your water, including the varying hydrogen isotopes that make different water types.
That’s right, there’s some important nuances to explore, as water (H2O2) varies based on its hydrogen isotope.
You may be surprised to learn that we MAKE water inside our bodies! It can be argued that it is more important that we make water than drink it.
Deuterium containing water is considered “heavy water” because it has a neutron in its Hydrogen, causing it to have double the mass. As a result, it slows down mitochondrial function similarly to how putting the wrong motor oil in your engine makes it run slower and ultimately clogs it up.
Deuterium acts as an “energy thief” when it enters mitochondria. Dr. Pugh explains how the body has a built-in mechanism by which it creates “check points” to ensure deuterium does not get near this powerhouse of an organelle! 
In this episode, Dr. Pugh will wet your appetite for understanding the quantum physics involved in
water production, and the distribution of it by touching on circadian biology and light, which is pivotal to protecting the mitochondria. 
85% of chronic illnesses are rooted in mitochondrial heteroplasmy (decreasing function). If you are interested in staving off dis-ease and cancer or woud simply like to have more energy, then this episode will be of interest to you

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