Healing The Currency Paradigm with Hillary Augustine

Episode 20 April 25, 2024 01:33:34
Healing The Currency Paradigm with Hillary Augustine
Healing The Currency Paradigm with Hillary Augustine

Apr 25 2024 | 01:33:34


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

Show Notes

If the topic of finances is a little tummy-turning, you are not alone. We have been programmed to think of money in very limited terms, and to many--especially creatives, intuitives, healers and rebels, financial savvy might just feel like a big ol' club that we're not a part of.

Enter our guest, Hillary Augustine, author of The Currency Paradigm. She joins us today to explore a recognition, reframing, and reunification of the alternative forms of abundance that flow when we step out of what she calls the Misguided Money Matrix.

“Anytime a currency isn’t shared or measured, it’s less likely to be valued” says Hillary. Time and Money are quickly accepted by the world as quantifiable currencies. Energy and Space.... well, those are qualitative currencies whose value is more subtle. Hillary Augustine is here to show us how the dialectic between the qualitative and quantitative can heal and help craft your unique path to financial wholeness, working from the inside out.

Through her coaching and consulting, Hillary bends limits and challenges norms. Her unique way of seeing and being is mirrored in her writing, her life, and her work. She has completed both a Master's in Counseling and a Master's in Accounting, representing her love of learning and exploration. Her favorite life degree comes from traveling. She crosses both literal and metaphorical borders as her free-spirited, non-conformist self soaks in the medicine of journeying.

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