Dr. Jack Kruse: Decentralized Medicine and Natural Law

Episode 15 January 12, 2024 01:37:55
Dr. Jack Kruse: Decentralized Medicine and Natural Law
Dr. Jack Kruse: Decentralized Medicine and Natural Law

Jan 12 2024 | 01:37:55


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

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What does it mean to "decentralize" medicine? In today's chat with Dr. Jack Kruse, we'll explore some of the foundational principles that define this concept. The premise is a return to Nature as our primary physician. Sound simple? 
The complexity lies in the various ways in which we must dismantle a lifetime of indoctrination within the "centralized" medical matrix. Dr Kruse-a self-professed "mitochondriac," offers insights on mitochondrial dynamics as well as the role of light, magnetism, and water in healing. Don't miss his fascinating reflections on how the trail of decentralized medicine and money (in the form of Bitcoin) is being blazed in the country of El Salvador, where Dr Kruse currently practices and resides as a growing figure of influence.


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