Science Based Evidence Based Ayurveda with Dr. Archana Ramola

Episode 16 February 05, 2024 00:50:15
Science Based Evidence Based Ayurveda with Dr. Archana Ramola
Science Based Evidence Based Ayurveda with Dr. Archana Ramola

Feb 05 2024 | 00:50:15


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Dr. Jeannette Daneals Janell Hartman

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Mindfulmedicina in India? It’s true. That happened.

Hot on the heels of our conversation with Dr. Jack Kruse on the future of decentralized medicine comes this visit to its ancient roots. Janell traveled to India again last November and stayed at an Ayurvedic healing center. She interviewed Dr. Archana Ramola, practitioner and advocate of Science Based Evidence Based Ayurveda (SBEBA).

Sadly, over the ages Ayurveda has largely slipped into conventional, commercialized patterns, much like allopathic and even modern Naturopathic medicine has. The emphasis on diet, lifestyle and simple interface with nature has given way to over-prescribing long lists of herbs and supplements, forsaking an individualized diagnostic process for formulaic protocols. Essentially, treating symptoms rather than root cause.

Dr. Archana Ramola explains how SBEBA has resurrected and standardized the training of pure Ayurveda as a fully accessible form of decentralized medicine.


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